lake tahoe's favorite bagel shop...

Exciting news, we’ve partnered with Dragonfly Bagel Co to open their shop inside of Black Bear Lodge! The cafe is open to public and guests of the lodge Thursday through Sunday from 7:30 AM until sold out. *Hours subject to change.

Dragonfly Bagels aren't your average bagel. Owner and baker, Caitlin Parker, makes each bagel by hand - with no mixer or equipment - and that’s what makes these bagels so dang delicious.

"Like a New York bagel, we boil them, but instead of putting the ingredients in the dough, we put it on top, so they look crazy and super fun," said Parker. "They tend to be a little lighter, a little airier, because during our boiling process they also steam up quite a bit."

The menu also features out-of-the-box sandwiches like the Cheez-It Bagel — made with cream cheese, pulverized Cheez-Its, tomato and a choice of bacon or avocado. Enjoy your breakfast in the Great Room or spread out a provided blanket for a picnic in the back gardens during the warmer months.

Read more here. Follow their story on Instagram @dragonflybagelco